CO2 laser therapy: skin preservation and rejuvenation

CO2 laser therapy: skin preservation and rejuvenation

One of the most modern methods for skin maintenance and rejuvenation

Fractional laser therapy using CO2 lasers has been used for 20 years and is now considered the gold standard for skin resurfacing in modern laser therapy.

The decisive advantages are:

Side effects and painless laser treatment

Short treatment and downtime

Increased patient satisfaction

Individual adjustment to your personal complexion

Maximum security through many years of experience (first registration 2004 in USA)

Fractional thermolysis has been used at the Hanau Clinic since 2006.

The CO 2 mix-to-laser used in this process. achieves first-class results, especially in the treatment of sun- damaged , aged skin with wrinkles and age spots, large-pored skin and acne scars.

How does fractional thermolysis work?

As a milestone in the field of aesthetic laser medicine, in contrast to other laser methods, no flat wounds are caused, the healing of which usually takes several weeks and is associated with permanent skin reddening or pigment damage.

Thousands of microscopic tubules are lasered into the skin using the CO 2 Mixto laser .


The so-called “shrinking” of the skin is immediately recognizable. The lasered skin is evenly reddened. These so-called “microspots” are surrounded by untreated skin bridges after the treatment, which leads to a significantly faster healing of the entire skin area.

With fractional lasers, only a small part of the skin surface is damaged, so that treatment is significantly less painful and the healing rate is much faster.

Due to the deep penetration into the epidermis, these micro-injuries lead to increased collagen formation and a tightening of the skin.

What can be treated with the CO 2 mixed laser ?

Slight to medium wrinkles, especially facial wrinkles, décolleté, neck

  • Acne scars
  • scar
  • Chronic photodamage
  • Pigment disorders
  • Coarse-pored skinREALR Wrinkle reduction in boston

Precursors of skin cancer such as act.

  • Keratoses
  • Stretch marks

Improvement of the skin texture

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What happens after that?

A significant tightening of the skin can be seen immediately. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is slightly reddened due to the microspots. This reddening turns a little brownish over the next few days and the top layers of the skin are completely detached, similar to a peeling. Immediately after the treatment, there may be slight heat build-up on the skin for about 30 minutes, which is accompanied by a feeling of tension like a slight sunburn.

During the entire healing process, there is a significantly increased formation of new collagen fibers in the deeper skin layers in the next 6–12 weeks, so that the final result and the complete skin tightening is only fully developed after several months.

What do I have to consider after the treatment?

No special follow-up treatment is necessary. Appropriate care products such as thermal water sprays or Cicalfate ointment can be carefully applied to the lasered areas if necessary.

The skin treated with the laser system should be consistently protected from intense UV radiation over the next few weeks. Commercially available sun protection creams with a high sun protection factor are used.

In addition, intensive heat exposure (sauna, solarium) should be avoided for 6–8 weeks. Intensive water contact should also be avoided.

The further healing process

In the next few days, the treated areas will visibly darken. This so-called “bronzing” causes the top layers of the skin to become detached and skin damage and pigment spots are repelled from the skin.

From the 3rd day, make-up and other cosmetics can be used again to cover the reddened skin surfaces.

This procedure results in significantly shorter downtimes than with other laser treatments, in which patients are often only fully operational again after 14 days.

Your lasered skin areas begin to peel further. Soon a pink smooth skin surface appears. During this phase, the skin renews itself and begins to fill and repair the micro-holes with new collagen.

Usually from the 5th to 6th Day a clearly visible improvement in the skin texture can be seen.

The complete healing process with increased new formation of elastic fibers and collagen can take up to six months.

So the final result is visible after this time.

Who will benefit most from treatment with the CO2 laser?

In particular, young patients with acne scars as well as middle-aged men and women with the first signs of age and sun damage in the form of light to medium-depth wrinkles, sun and age spots on the skin.

An entire full-face treatment is possible within 20 to 30 minutes.

Do you need pre-treatment of the skin?

No special preparation of the skin surface is necessary.

However, your skin should not be excessively tanned at the time of treatment. Herpes prophylaxis is recommended for high-risk patients.

Anesthetic cream and / or cooling air can be used to increase patient comfort.

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