Azelaic Acid: Miracle Weapon Against Acne?

Azelaic Acid: Miracle Weapon Against Acne?

Azelaic acid is relatively unknown, but it can be very effective for skin conditions such as acne. You can find out everything about acid here.

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Azelaic acid: what's behind it?

  • Azelaic acid is a saturated dicarboxylic acid and appears as a white, odorless solid. The acid occurs in grasses such as wheat, rye or barley.
  • But what makes this acid so special? First and foremost, it can help reduce pigmentation marks on the skin. In addition, azelaic acid ensures smooth skin with an even shade.
  • For skin care products, synthetically manufactured variants are mostly used , as these have advantages in terms of effectiveness and consistency. Products with a concentration above 10 percent are usually only available on prescription . However, significantly smaller amounts can have positive effects on the skin.
  • However, there are only a few brands that have discovered the active ingredient and actually use it . This is also because the wrong dosage in the production quickly leads to a granular product, which causes skin problems rather than alleviates them.

The effects of azelaic acid

  • Azelaic acid can have a direct influence on the microbial skin flora. There it can  inhibit the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes , which is often found in the skin in acne .
  • The acid reduces the free fatty acids , which are primarily responsible for pain caused by reddened and inflamed areas.
  • Azelaic acid regulates cornification disorders (hyperkeratosis), which are often used as a trigger for acne . The maturation of the skin cells is inhibited by the acid and the flakes of the skin can more easily come off.
  • Azelaic acid can also strengthen your skin if you develop rosacea (skin disease) and reduce pimples and blemishes.

Application of azelaic acid

  • Products with the active ingredient azelaic acid are usually in the form of creams or gels. Important: Before applying, wash your skin and let it dry thoroughly. You use about half a gram for the entire face.
  • You can still adjust the dosage depending on the reaction of the skin. If irritation occurs, reduce the amount accordingly. Use the cream or gel twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. There should be visible improvement within four weeks.


Possible side effects of azelaic acid

  • Redness
  • itching
  • Dandruff
  • dryness
  • Burning or stinging sensation on the skin

Usage tips

  • In pregnancy or during lactation , as well as generally strong sensitive skin you should refrain from azelaic acid.
  • The eyes can easily become infected on contact with the acid. Therefore, keep a sufficient distance from them when applying.
  • If you experience severe side effects , first reduce the amount of cream and then apply it only once a day in the second step.


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